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Does Mobile Merchant Pro Support Swipe Devices?


To be PCI compliant, we'd need to encrypt the data from the point of swipe all the way to the gateway. This requires a special encription key on the swipe device in addition to some code on the payment gateway used to decipher the transaction. Unfortunately, none of the gateways we support have this capability.

Is Mobile Merchant Pro PCI Compliant?

No, and it's not required.

MMP does NOT store credit card data... ever. And because we don't support swiped transactions which most certainly should be PCI compliant it's not really applicable.

With that said, we do have to make sure that the transaction with the payment gateway is encrypted, which the application does via SSL. In fact, the payment gateways require we do this via SSL.

I already have Authorize.Net or Zoomgate. Can I use MMP?

Probably, and most likely

If you already have a supported payment gateway, then you also have a Merchant Account. But you must have a "CNP" (Card not Present) Merchant Account. This is most common with payment gateways as the card is generally not present at the time of purchase.

Unfortunately, if you have a "CP" (Card Present) account, Mobile Merchant Pro will not work with your account type. The good news is, you are likely getting lower rates!

If I already have a Merchant Account, is there anything else I need to use your application?


If you already have a Merchant Account, you'll just need the Authorize.Net® or Zoomgate payment gateway. If you already have it, you are all set. If you need a payment gateway, just let us now and we'll get you setup in short order.

Be sure to ask about our specials. Sometimes we do offer free Zoomgate accounts to new merchants.

If I have PayPal, do I need anything else?

The standard PayPal service isn't compatible with Mobile Merchant Pro®. PayPal does offer an upgrade for about $30 per month for their PayPal® Web Payments Pro service which is what is required. Just note that on top of the monthly charge, you are likely to pay more in processing fees with PayPal than a traditional Merchant Account.

Not to confuse matters, but PayPal also offers their own virtual terminal which is also $30 per month. This virtual terminal account will not work with MMP.

What do I need to get a Merchant Account to accept credit cards?

It's actually a good deal easier than you may think. Typically, if your business is in the United States, you are 18 years old, and have a checking account, that would satisfy the basic. There are also solutions for those who may have bad credit, but typically the processing rates are higher.

What is a Payment Gateway

Authorize.Net® and Zoomgatew are examples of payment gateways. These act as a bridge between the online world and your processing institution. These may be used as online solutions for E-Commerce for shopping carts, etc., but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution from your computer anywhere you have internet access. Mobile Merchant Pro interfaces with these gateways much like an sites shopping cart does.

How do I configure MMP?

There is a help file within each application install that will outline how to configure MMP. There are also some videos that should be of value. These videos are for the Blackberry version which you can find on this site.

No matter what I do, MMP will not process a credit card!

For the most part, if the application launches, it will work just fine. Probably 99% of the support issues we receive have to do with the user incorrectly entering the API text strings. These are very long text strings and it's very easy to make a mistake including allowing extra spaces or line returns.

For those using PayPals Web Payments Pro, note that there are two different API modes. The API mode that MMP supports is "signature" mode. Also note that MMP will not work with standard, business, or virtual terminal paypal accounts

Where do I get support?

For those that are 1st National customers, just follow the instructions you received for your account in regard to 24/7 support. If they have any issue helping, they have ready access to the developers.

We do provide a courtesy level of support for this application via the contact form on this site. As this is a Free download, we do ask for your patience regarding support.

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